Homestead Orchard

Artois Nut Company


About Us

            Homestead Orchard got it’s start in 1986 when John and Gloria McGinnis planted 90 acres right outside the little town of Artois, in northern California. Over the last 25 years, the 90 acres have grown into a beautiful, mature orchard with a full processing plant, Artois Nut Company, including roasting and packaging, on site.  The company also became green in 2008 when solar panels were installed, making the plant 94% solar efficient.   

            Artois Nut Company is a vertically integrated pistachio processing company that prides itself on the quality of our work. We strongly believe in producing a high grade, top quality product.

            As growers, we use only the best farming methods and techniques to grow our pistachios. As processors, we spare no expense to insure the finest quality to the consumer. We know that as a small grower/processor, we must take special care to separate out our defective or immature nuts and to sell only the best of our crop. We stand firm in our commitment to quality even when supplies run short. Under no circumstances will we blend lesser quality nuts in with our own. We will never use bleach or dye to try to hide defects.

            When custom processing for other growers, we treat their crop as our own. The most important rule we have in all of our endeavors is to maintain the highest possible quality of pistachios that are packed at our facility. We hull, dry, shell, sort, season, roast, package, and ship pistachios.

        It is our hope that when you think of delicious gourmet pistachios, you contact Homestead Orchard first!